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Introducing the Tracker Classic

In pursuit of continuing innovative designs and perfecting comfortability, we are proud to announce the release of our ultimate boulevard cruiser, the Tracker Classic.

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Introducing the all new Cafe
Welcome to the all new Cafe. We took the electric bicycle commuter you have grown to love and updated it with a powerful and more intuitive drivetrain. Our VintorqueTM Drivetrain Technology ensures your ability to take your morning commute to the next level with ease.
THE VINTAGE TRACKER ELECTRIC BIKE Our Vintage Tracker is the electric bike that started it all. The Tracker exemplifies the relationship between human and machine that drives us. As long as vehicles have existed, so has racing, and early motorcycle...
Introducing Battery Kit Upgrades & Replacements
BATTERY KIT UPGRADES & REPLACEMENTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE Our electric bikes have a motor and chassis engineered to stand the test of time. With the introduction of our 2020 electronic upgrade kits, you have the option to upgrade your power...
Winter Prep: Recommended Best Practices
SETTING YOUR VINTAGE ELECTRIC BIKE UP FOR OPTIMUM SPRING TIME USE With the holiday season wrapping up, and winter setting in, you may be curious what our recommendations are for proper cold weather storage. Basic maintenance and handling of your...
Forbes Editors Pick
What makes our Vintage Shelby an editors pick over at Forbes? Our love of design and all the small details. "Vintage Electric’s latest creation is the Shelby bike, which adopts the aesthetics of Carroll Shelby’s personal Cobra roadster.  The resulting e-bike...
Introducing the Vintage Electric Shelby
LIMITED EDITION ELECTRIC BIKE BY VINTAGE ELECTRIC X SHELBY Carroll Shelby inspired generations of enthusiasts to strive for more. What was under the hood was a testament to the drive and focus Carrol Shelby had on bringing home a win....
Art on Wheels: Creative Transportation A recap of our Vintage Electric NUMU Event Art and Automotive design go hand in hand. The appreciation of design paired with performance and passion are the key ingredients in the creation of the iconic Vintage Electric Tracker and...
Introducing the Roadster
Introducing the all new Roadster from Vintage Electric. The next evolution in our electric transportation arsenal.
Rally or Cafe?

We took what we love about our ultra classy and powerful Cafe commuter and amplified it with the all new Rally! The question you may be wondering, which bicycle is right for you? With two phenomenal options we break down each pedal-assist bike, featuring the difference between these two options.

Introducing the Rally
Engineered as a multi-terrain pedal-assist bike, the Rally offers classic styling with state-of-the-art technology. Featuring an incredibly smooth hub-drive motor, the Rally reliably delivers speeds up to 28 mph in an attractive platform that offers riders gravel grinding confidence on and off the road.
Vintage visits Jay Leno's Garage Andrew walks Jay Leno through a few key Vintage models Andrew stopped by Jay Leno's Garage to walk Jay through our key Vintage models. This experience was a dream. Not only was Jay impressed with the quality of the build, but...