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Moving People Differently

The Vintage Electric Story

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Merchants of Imagination

We’re a transportation company that operates at the intersection of innovation and imagination. Electric bicycles are our business and we want our business to fuel a movement. We’ve pondered what a bicycle is and what it can be and we’re looking well into the future and deep into the past to find the answer. From the vintage vehicle aesthetics that inspire our design to the state-of-the-art electric drivetrains that power our products, our intention is to find balance. Science and art, classic and contemporary, form and function.

Out of Curiosity

We’re the products of our “take-it-apart-to-understand-it” childhoods, framed in sportscar-postered walls and nurtured by trips to Laguna Seca. Tireless hours spent in metalshop class and bike shops crafted our patience and perfected our craft. We’re the result of American blue collar manufacturing and the collarless creativity of Silicon Valley. Finding the profound in the mundane empowered our curiosity. Understanding why it clicked, where that wire went and how to make it faster saturated our imaginations. Rather than growing out of our curiosity, we grew into it.

Finding Others Like Us

Our curiosity spilled into our parents’ garages and eventually found its way into the public. In 2013, Andrew Davidge—our founder and chief visionaire—took the first iterations of Vintage Electric bikes out into the wild and immediately captured the attention of like minded connoisseurs of the unique. Andrew took a few of the early bikes to a prestigious vintage car show in Monterey, California and that weekend, he segued the Vintage Electric vision into a business. Those first bikes were proof of concept that a vintage-inspired, battery-assisted pedal bike should be a thing and that other people shared the team’s vision. The unique and intriguing design was only outdone by the impeccable build quality and attention to detail. The Vintage Electric philosophy was substantiated and the operation inevitably grew out of his parent’s garage.

Innovation Always

While a lot has changed since we took our first bikes to that vintage car show, our original vision has not. We will always look backwards to inspire what’s in front of us. We will always look to the future to find ways to make our bikes better, faster and stronger. We’re very proud of the amazing bikes that we’re building, but for us, the journey is the destination. We will never stop imagining and we will always find better ways to move people. Based in Santa Clara, California, we’re reimagining the electric bike genre. We’re merging a timeless aesthetic and cutting edge electric bike technology to build the best performing, best looking electric bicycle possible.