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Forbes Editors Pick

Forbes Editors Pick

What makes our Vintage Shelby an editors pick over at Forbes? Our love of design and all the small details.

"Vintage Electric’s latest creation is the Shelby bike, which adopts the aesthetics of Carroll Shelby’s personal Cobra roadster. 

The resulting e-bike has the most potent version of the Vintage Electric powertrain, including a “Race” mode that allows owners to use electric-assist up to speeds of 36 mph under private-road conditions.

“We build completely legal Class 2 and 3 e-bikes,” says Davidge, meaning they meet regulations California set up in 2015. “That being said, performance and speed is also important to us. We wanted to make sure that our bikes could easily be ‘unlocked’ because a lot of our customers use these bikes to get around their properties or as pit bikes at race tracks around the world.” Vintage Electric “unleashed” is a perfect way to make the rounds on a winery, or ride a quarter-mile to the mailbox."

Read the Full Article by Mark Ewing Here.

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