Introducing the Roadster

 Introducing the all new Roadster from Vintage Electric. The next evolution in our electric transportation arsenal. The Roadster takes the premium craftsmanship and performance of the Tracker and raises the bar to further amplify your ride experience.


2020 Roadster on Mt Hamilton

What’s Changed? We coupled a smooth and comfortable front suspension with a larger battery pack. This duo elevates your adventure not only in comfort but in distance.

Pulling from the love of classic vehicle design we created a two-tone paint scheme that has beautiful pin striped lines and an age-old color story born from roadsters of the past.

Increased Battery Size | Roadster Electric Bike Front Suspension | Roadster Electric Bike



The Roadster packs a punch when enhanced with race mode*. With this fun little upgrade, you have yourself the perfect Speed Merchant. It will go the distance and add some accelerated excitement to your adventures.

*Race mode to be used on private property only.


Ready to make the Roadster your next ride? We have recently partnered with Affirm for any financing needs you may have. This process is quick and easy with no hidden fees.

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