72 Volt Shelby II
72 Volt Shelby II
72 Volt Shelby II
72 Volt Shelby II
72 Volt Shelby II
72 Volt Shelby II
72 Volt Shelby II
72 Volt Shelby II
72 Volt Shelby II
72 Volt Shelby II
72 Volt Shelby II
72 Volt Shelby II
72 Volt Shelby II
72 Volt Shelby II
72 Volt Shelby II
72 Volt Shelby II
72 Volt Shelby II

72 Volt Shelby II

Regular price$ 6,495.00

The ALL NEW Limited Edition Shelby II is here! This production is limited to 100 units. Secure your piece of the legacy today.

Our limited-edition Shelby bike channels the inventive-meets-championship racing spirit of legendary designer Carroll Shelby. Inspired by being up close and personal with Shelby’s timeless, legacy-defining American power icons, we’ve spent long nights tinkering with this beauty while in relentless pursuit of perfection, ever aware of heritage, prestige and opportunity. When you think Shelby, you think speed, grit and high performance—exactly what we’ve wanted to capture in this amped-up version of our 72 Volt Performance Line, our most powerful bike yet.

With 3x the torque, 4000 watt drivetrain, 40mph top speed, and 3 hour charge time the game has just been changed… 

20 / 40*

Top Speed

40-75 miles

Per Charge

750 / 4000*

Watt Drivetrain


With Shelby perfected performance setting the bar, enjoy full-throttle racing speeds up to a remarkable 40mph.* The rear-hub motor—despite its cobra-striking power—is reading-room quiet, powered by our re-engineered 72 volt 1123 watt-hour battery that’ll take you up to 75 miles when fully charged. Charging takes only 3 hours, long enough to catch up on plenty of classic Shelby racing video clips! *Private property only

72 volt performance

With 3x the torque, 40mph top speed, and up to 4,000 Watts of power in race mode. The game has just been changed.


An intelligent vintage beauty echoing iconic Shelby designs of yesteryear or a cold-cast flayer of lessers not worthy? With the Shelby you get both: exquisite design aesthetics (marvel at the hydroformed aluminum frame and all-over artful touches—just take a look at the picture’s-worth-a-1000-words beauty shots!) and designed-to-deliver detail (stabilizing front suspension, retro-chic LED headlamp and much more).

Delivered 100% assembled

When you purchase a Vintage, it is 100% assembled by our team in Santa Clara, Ca. We then load your fully assembled bike into a network of vans and trucks to be delivered directly to your doorstep. Your bike will arrive fully charged and ready to ride. All you have to do is hop on and enjoy. If our network of vans can't reach your location our team will coordinate a full assembly in your area. You don't have to worry about a thing!


Frame / Weight






Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Tom Dempsey
"What else is there"?...

Received my Shelby bike in July...
Incredibly amazing, from riding comfort to managing speed selections...
I do own another e bike...not even close!...
Rarely do I ride more than 20mph, but I did do the 40mph they claim!..
If you only need the power for headwinds and inclines, you will get over 120 miles with 2 bars remaining!...
The owner and other personnel are always there for you too!...
Exceptional business and product...
What else is there?...

Pete Silva
Although this was an expensive purchase, I found it to be one of the best purchase experiences of...

Eddie, I just want to give a shout out to you and your team at Vintage Electric. From my first conversation with you, to the delivery yesterday afternoon, everyone kept me updated on the progress of the build, right through to the time of delivery at my home. Jeff from Kitzuma was the delivery person and he took expert care in making sure that the bike was perfect before he left my home. It wasn’t even 5 minutes of him taking the bike off of the truck in my driveway when a gentleman driving his electric bike stopped and said “Wow, what the heck is that thing? That looks awesome?” Right after Jeff left, I was on the bike taking my first ride and I was beyond impressed. It had very quick response and was extremely maneuverability while operating it. I personally want to thank you for the guidance and consideration that you gave me when we spoke, and you were very generous with your time. I did not feel rushed by a salesperson pushing a product. You made sure that every question was answered and it was clear at first glance that you perserver on quality control and customer satisfaction. Again, thank you for everything. Although this was an expensive purchase, I found it to be one of the best purchase experiences of all time. It is great to be part of the Vintage Electric family now! I wish you, Andrew, and your whole team at Vintage Electric the very best of success.

Victor D
I am obsessed with it

I purchased a Vintage Electric Shelby bike a few months ago and I am obsessed with it . It is such a thrill to ride! Did a lot of research prior to buying it and I must say , it’s in a class of its own. It’s a work of art that rides like a dream! The support from Eddie and Cameron has been fantastic. Highly recommend Vintage Electric Bikes, great company with an amazing product!

Perry M
The gas in my Harley is going bad!

Hello Gentlemen.

I'm enjoying my new bike where there are miles upon miles of nature trails all along the shoreline and inland where I live, and while exercising (pedal assist) too. The area's steep hills are no challenge for this bike! The gas in my Harley is going bad!

Thank you both, for all your assistance, advice, instruction, and patiently answering all of my questions.

Cameron; Thank you again for the very nice t-shirt, it's a perfect fit. Funny thing, I always loved t-shirts with print, front and back, and this one does! I'm wearing it again today!

I know there's an online fan base, with all good things said there, and rightfully so. I'll soon share praise there too. Being in the technology field, as often as I can, I prefer to shut everything "work" off, and retreat to simple pleasures, like family, and nature. The latter, includes this bike.

This is the bike I always knew I wanted, hoped would one day exist, and thanks to the vision, commitment, smart, talented, and dedicated group that all of you at Vintage are, now it does!

Kudos to all of you, and I wish you all continued success.

Os R
I have already run into some issues (Kinda lol)

I have ridden my Shelby about 20 miles and I have already run into some issues.

1) Facial Paralysis I have a stupid giddy Christmas-Morning-Grin on my face pretty much the entire time I ride.
2) Self Consciousness - due to the above mentioned facial paralysis. This wouldn’t be too big of a problem, but people stare. They stare from their car as they slowly pass me while they’re driving 45…they stare from the sidewalks and gas stations as I zoom by.
3) PTSD - Memories of Post Totally Speedy Drives (PTSD) on my Yamaha R1 (I’ve literally reached for the turn signals a couple of times 🤣

I’m no medical professional but I think that the fix will be to put more miles on my Shelby.

Gentlemen, I am incredibly happy with the entire Vintage Electric experience so far. I look forward to having this bike be my daily driver for years to come. Yeah, I’m definitely hooked.

Eddie, thanks for your timely responses and for taking the time to speak with me over the phone.

Cameron, thanks for making the drive and taking the time to explain the details on my Shelby. You are officially my second favorite Cameron!


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