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In an elite field of our own design, Vintage Electric thrives at an innovative intersection of timeless aesthetics and future modernity.

As founder Andrew Davidge accords;


DestWork is a new brand working to uplift female artisans in Ethiopaia. We aim to support fellow women-led enterprises and to preserve their artistic heritage. Through their skillful hands, we bring you the very best in luxury scarves using only the finest natural fibers, dyes and time-honored techniques. Each handwoven thread tells a story of craft, culture and empowerment united with contemporary design.

Founded By Yostina Desta In 2020 to blend her Ethiopian community’s creative artisan talents with the combination of traditional and modern TIBEB TECKINIK to preserve this ancient art form and simultaneously create job opportunities for local artisans especially to support women artisans with a core mission of inspiring economic growth in artisan livelihood, preserving the local art of weaving and to committed to long term artisan partnerships that create meaningful and lasting impacts on families and communities.

Destawork is all about happy colors and stripes, creating new casual and chic pieces easy to wear on all occasions. Inspired by the unique Ethiopian handwoven patterns and the vibrant, colorful combinations in diffrnt trips in Ethopia, useing native natural fibers and AZO free or natural dyes to create luxurious pieces that are ethical and sustainable. Handcrafted with skillful hands and careful attention, each piece has unique qualities in natural texture, softness, and color that can’t be replicated by machine.

About the Artisans

This weaving cooperative strives to create respectful, ethical, and sustainable work opportunities for artisans in Ethiopia and showcase the talents of their weavers to the world. Inspired by the ancient weaving traditions of Ethiopia, they create exquisite textiles using natural fibers. The beauty of handspun thread is a rare commodity in our quickly changing world of mechanized textile factories.

From the spinning of the thread to weaving the fabric, the process is done entirely by hand. The skill of hand spinning is passed down from mother to daughter, and most rural women spin at their homes for extra income. Honoring this tradition, they purchase hand-spun cotton thread from a network of women throughout Addis Ababa. As most spinning is done during free time, it is a way to support women with supplemental income.

Handweaving has been a way of life for centuries in Ethiopia. Even today, almost all of the traditional Ethiopian clothing is made on handlooms. The art of weaving is passed down from father to son; thus, practically all weavers in Ethiopia are men. The techniques have not changed much for centuries, but the patterns, colors, and designs have become increasingly sophisticated. A weaver can produce one to three scarves in a day, depending on the level of detail of the design.


Working towards providing dignified and sustainable work with fair wages for our women artisans and allowing women to work in a free and open environment even thrive well into the future. Driven by customer obsession and technological prowess, we respect the divide between modern automation and the irrefutable subtleties of hand-made precision. We aspire to stay true to our core values while focusing on the customer and the artisan equally. By providing a flawless shopping experience through and through, we’ll gradually increasing artisanal employment every single step of the way.

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