Winter Prep: Recommended Best Practices


With the holiday season wrapping up, and winter setting in, you may be curious what our recommendations are for proper cold weather storage. Basic maintenance and handling of your Vintage Electric bike will help ensure your battery goes the distance into spring and beyond. Here is the manufacturers recommendation for storing and caring for your electric bike during cold weather. This care will help to ensure your battery cells and other critical components are protected.

⮚ Never charge your bike below 35˚ F.

⮚ Do not leave the charger plugged into your battery for an extended period of time. 

⮚ Check the charge on your bike every 30 days.

If possible store your battery at 60-80%. (4 bars on the LCD display or yellow LED indicator on older models)

Your bike should ideally be stored indoors at a temperature range between 50˚ F and 95˚ F.

⮚ Do not leave the charger plugged into your battery for an extended period of time. 

Here are a few key points to keep in mind when storing your Vintage Electric Bike. You will want to wipe down and remove any salt or moisture that can cause metal parts or connections to corrode. Once wiped down, store your bike indoors and away from the elements. If you will be storing your bike on a concrete floor, we suggest placing cardboard between the tires and the floor as concrete will dry out the tires over time.

Two main points with storage to keep in mind. Never store your bike below 35˚ F. This can result in a frozen battery. If your battery is improperly stored or frozen, it could prevent the battery from recovering for the spring.


⮚ Please avoid riding your bike on salted roads as this can cause unwanted corrosion.

⮚ Never rider your bike below 10˚ F

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