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The versatile, tough and ruggedly handsome Vintage Electric Rally emboldens you to take a run-of-the-mill workday and extend your carbon-averse commute into something remarkable: a prime purveyor of extra credit with a liberating after-work ride (think smooth, controlled, exhilarating transition from asphalt to gravel handled with guts and grace). This bike—expertly designed and painstakingly crafted, with rugged front suspension, Schwalbe knobby tires, a powerful 750-watt drivetrain and aesthetics that kill (check its fine lines)—stands apart. Take it to work, take it to the pub, take it to the hills—it will not disappoint.

Note: Quantities Limited


Top Speed

20-60 miles

Per Charge

750 +

Watt Drivetrain


The industry leading 750w Torque-Sense + drivetrain with 5 levels of pedal assist gives you the ability to choose the adventure you desire, from casual cruise to gravel fueled adventures. Between the torque monster of a motor, and the traditional 10-speed derailleur, the power possibilities are endless.


The Rally is more than a commuter, it is an after-work adventure warrior. With the incredibly smooth hub-drive motor, it delivers raw speed with hill climbing ease. The 750 watt drivetrain delivers nearly 3X the power of its competitors*. *comparably priced commuter e bikes


Available in three sizes, the Rally’s chromoly steel frame has been meticulously engineered to provide the perfect harmony between performance and comfort. Add to that an MRP Baxter suspension fork and Shwalbe knobby tires, and you have a post commute / weekend warrior of an electric bike. With the aesthetics of bygone beauty, and the versatility of a removable battery, the Rally is pure Rowdy Elegance.

Delivered 100% assembled

When you purchase a Vintage, it is 100% assembled by our team in Santa Clara, Ca. We then load your fully assembled bike into a network of vans and trucks to be delivered directly to your doorstep. Your bike will arrive fully charged and ready to ride. All you have to do is hop on and enjoy. If our network of vans can't reach your location our team will coordinate a full assembly in your area. You don't have to worry about a thing!


Frame / Weight






Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ted L
It's a great bike. Lov it.

I ride it in the neighborhood all the time on pavement, but finally got it out on some good gravel last weekend. Didn't feel the need to engage power that much, probably used it for 5 or 6 miles out of 28 and never saw a visible decline in the battery life. LOL, I don't believe there will ever be a reason to ever ride this in gravel over setting 3, (Its scary).
It's a great bike. Lov it.

David G
The bike handles perfectly, stops on a dime and everything is as advertised

I bought my Rally a couple of weeks ago from Eddie at Vintage and it was incredibly pleasant and seamless dealing with him. I was a bit hesitant to buy a bike without benefit of a test ride, but after watching video reviews, reading everything I could find online about the Rally and talking with Eddie I felt good about ordering the bike. They shipped out the bike the same day to a local bike shop who assembled the bike at Vintage’s expense. That’s class!

The mechanics at the shop were marveling over the build quality of the Rally and I was absolutely blown away. This thing is literally a work of art!

Now the fun part. I got on the assembled bike to ride home, set it to pedal assist level 1 and took off. This thing has absolutely silent gorilla power that feels like a natural extension yourself. The perfect melding of man and machine, I felt like Tony Stark in his Iron Man exoskeleton. And that’s at level 1 assist.

I came to a hill, thumbed the assist up to level 2 and actually started accelerating up the incline with very little effort on my part. Just for fun, I increased to level 5 and the way the bike took off reminded me of hitting the power band on my old 2-cycle Yamaha RD250. I’m sure that level’s 1 & 2 will account for 90% of my riding. The bike handles perfectly, stops on a dime and everything is as advertised.

Anyway, after test riding a lot of different e-bikes over the summer that seemed both underpowered and cheaply made I am overjoyed that I found the Rally.

Lou E
Simply put, I couldn’t be happier!

Simply put, I couldn’t be happier! The bike has changed my life in a great way. I am more active, I can go further, and it rides like a dream. I have logged about 150 miles so far. We have numerous bike/walking trails in our town. It’s been great fun to explore and test my limits. The bike has performed flawlessly. I am an extremely satisfied customer, and I thank you for a positive transaction throughout. I look forward to many more miles on this awesome bike.

John B
Checks off all the Boxes

I waited to write a review until after having a couple of hundred miles logged. This bike is comfortable both on the pavement and the dirt roads. It has a much smoother ride than I expected. The motor is incredibly powerful, but most of the time, I ride it in level 1. Most of all, it has increased my range of places to ride. If I can sum it up in one phrase, I would call it Viagra for cyclists.

Laura Woodside
Fantastic, practical and fun bike

This bike is FANTASTIC! It is a perfect commuter bike--it can be a rigorous workout with no electric assist, or a very leisurely ride if you are on a conference call and need to talk. It has an option for a rack in the back and a super well-designed pannier which fits TONS of stuff, including a laptop and a fresh set of clothes. It's a smooth ride with the front fork shock, which is clever and adjustable. If you are late, you can crank up the power, and this bike can go fast. Very fast. Which brings me to the weekend fun. This bike is great on trails! Grippy, reliable knobby tires, and power which means that the weight of the bike is not an issue at all, even on steep trails.
And if you go out at night, it has BRIGHT lights in both the front and back which go on automatically when it gets dark.
I highly recommend this bike. It's making me consider selling my car, because I am barely using it--I'd always rather ride this bike.
Any drawbacks? Um, my husband and kids want to "borrow" it.


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