Introducing the Rally

Rowdy elegance, superb performance

The Vintage Electric Rally is one of the world’s most dynamic electric-powered pedal-assist bikes with a performance suite made with versatility in mind to allow riders a smooth experience on both street and gravel or dirt paths. Engineered as a multi-terrain pedal-assist bike, the Rally offers classic styling with state-of-the-art technology. Featuring an incredibly smooth hub-drive motor, the Rally reliably delivers speeds up to 28 mph in an attractive platform that offers riders gravel grinding confidence on and off the road.

Rally Electric Bike with Wide Handlebars Rally Gravel Grinding Electric Bike

“For the new Rally model, we incorporated influences from multi-terrain bicycles while still retaining classic American bicycle styling,” says Vintage Electric Founder/Lead Designer Andrew Davidge. “This is our first model with a decent dose of gravel-grinder DNA – we knew early on that the knobbies and suspension fork would be a crucial part of the package.”

Optimized for efficiency and adventure, the Rally design starts with a chromoly steel frame for the optimal blend of strength and comfort. The attached seat-post is crafted in a matte black color complete with an integrated LED taillight. The Rally includes seamless details throughout its design with powerfully arched leather-wrapped handlebars tucked above a 10-speed derailleur. The detailed design doesn’t stop there. The black leather handles are completed by the stealth-black frame to give this spectacular bike a sleek, sophisticated feel while the Schwalbe Smart Sam tires allow you to confidently take the Rally off the beaten path.


Front Suspension | Rally Electric Bike Schwalbe Knobby Tires | Rally Electric Bike 750 watt Hub-Drive Motor | Rally Electric Bike

The Vintage Electric Rally is outfitted with intuitive cockpit controls, making it simple for riders at all levels to conveniently adjust their level of electric-assist while in motion both on the street and off-road. Located effortlessly on the left handlebar, the easy-to-use control system features buttons for power adjustment along with a clear screen that showcases battery power level and mileage ridden.

At the center of the Vintage Electric Rally design is a powerful 750-watt torque-sensing drivetrain that features five independent levels of pedal assist, ensuring commuters get exactly where they need to be. With quick recharge also a vital part of development, the Vintage Electric Rally features a removable battery pack in a cast-aluminum housing that can be fully charged in a very speedy two hours. The Rally reliably offers a range of up to 60 miles per charge.


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