Introducing the Vintage Electric Shelby


Carroll Shelby inspired generations of enthusiasts to strive for more. What was under the hood was a testament to the drive and focus Carrol Shelby had on bringing home a win. From garage to glory, his creations focused on performance, power and prestige.

In a small town outside of California’s Silicon Valley, Andrew Davidge set out to create the ultimate pit bike. With his two friends, a garage and only a desire to innovate at the highest caliber, he crafted a beautiful, performance driven electric vehicle, “Bike Number 26”. 


After Bike Number 26’s maiden voyage, Andrew knew he had something special. Like Carroll Shelby, Andrew was driven by the need to create something unique and powerful. He found innovation and inspiration late nights in his garage. 

Fast forward to the present, Vintage Electric partnered with Shelby USA to create the perfect take on an electric bike. Sleek, well designed, powerful with all the premium details.

“The Shelby Cobra is an American icon, and we
wanted to express that in our newest Vintage Electric
Shelby bike.” 

This beautiful collaboration is a Limited Edition design. Featuring the iconic Cobra logo, painted in Shelby Blue with Black race stripes. This powerful, premium and whisper quiet collaboration is the perfect edition to true collectors and power enthusiasts alike.


With Shelby perfected performance setting the bar, enjoy full-throttle racing speeds up to a remarkable 36mph.* The rear-hub motor—despite its gigantic monster reptile power—is reading-room quiet, powered by a 1123 watt-hour battery that’ll take you up to 75 miles when fully charged.


Secure your limited edition Vintage Electric Shelby now!

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