Rally or Cafe?



With the launch of our new multi-terrain Rally, we thought the question may be asked, what bike is the right bike for me? Both the Rally and Cafe are exquisite examples of craftsmanship and a passion to amplify your adventure, taking your commute to new heights. But what separates the Cafe from the Rally? And what model would be the perfect choice for your next adventure?

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The Cafe puts a twist on your everyday commuter. With power and performance built into the 750 watt motor, you will transport your commute from the mundane to the revitalized. The Cafe’s 5 levels of pedal assist and 10 speeds will elevate your commute with ease. With the cafe, you can easily increase the power for a commute with ease in the morning. After work you can dial it back and release any tension the day may have brought.

The Rally, packs a powerful punch, inviting you to take your evening commute off the beaten path. We loaded up the Rally with some phenomenal new features. A wider handlebar for increased control, flat peg pedals for better pedal control, a front suspension to handle any gravel filled trail and knobby tires for optimum traction. Pair that with 5 levels of pedal assist and you have a commuter / multi-terrain vehicle that is hungry for gravel and powered to get you there.

Side by Side Comparison

Model: Cafe Rally
Price: $3995 $4795
Handlebar: Polished Alloy 700mm Width 730mm Width
Tires: Schwalbe Fat Frank w/ Kevlar Guard Schwalbe Smart Sam
Front Fork: Rigid Aluminum MRP Baxter Suspension
Pedals: Touring Pedals Welgo B219
Drivetrain: Direct Drive 750W Hub Motor Direct Drive 750W Hub Motor

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