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Our showroom—based in Santa Clara California—serves as a fully immersive, experiential shop, dedicated to sharing our vision and teaching people about how we’re reimagining the electric bike. Our doors are (almost) always open for sales, service, and inspiration. We love visitors and we love joining our guests on test rides. Feel free to stop by or call for an appointment. Bring your imagination and some comfortable shoes and be prepared to leave with a new understanding of what transportation can be and what it can look like.


Naturally, the process starts with the sourcing of the material. Women in Ethiopia either in their homes or together with other women and spin cotton onto a drop spindle to create a thread of cotton, which can then be used for weaving. The cotton threads are both produced inside of their compounds as well as purchased locally. The hand-spun thread is the basis for all of our products.


The cotton threads are dyed in different colors using a combination of natural colours found in often locally grown flowers, plants, herbs and spices as well as AZO free, REACH certified, environmentally friendly man-made dyes. These dyes are meticulously combined in steel pots and then the fibres are soaked in small batches transferring the rich colours onto the cotton.


After the coloring of cotton and silk threads, the local producers proceed with weaving them into scarves, towels and blankets. Weaving the cotton and wildsilk into the beautiful textiles is rooted in an ancient tradition. All our products are woven by the hands of the local weavers on so called hand looms. The hand looms are adjusted for each piece, depending on the size of the product. The weaving process requires a great deal of dedication and patience demanding the weavers use of hands and feet to operate the loom.


The final step in the production is the finishing. It is crucial to ensure the quality and sustainability of the products. After the products are woven, the local artisans make sure that the edges are neat by cutting ends, twisting and knotting the ends and putting finishing touches on each product individually.

From our artisans in Ethiopia to our studio in Sweden, where each piece is given a calico tag and placed in an individual gift box it is then lovingly sent out to their new home at your place!
​We are immensely proud of the phenomenal journey our pieces take and are honoured to share the story with you.
Handmade with love. Each of our pieces are sustainably, ethically, fairly, naturally and thoughtfully made.