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“When I first stumbled onto Vintage Electric, I had fond memories of the bikes we rode as kids and they also reminded me of cool old surf cars and I immediately wanted one.”
– Jeff Clark

35 mile

in Street Mode

36 MPH

in Race Mode

2 Hour


We’re proud to offer this 20-piece limited edition series and invite you to become part of our family.

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In 1975, seventeen-year-old Jeff Clark paddled his board off the coast of Half Moon Bay, into a navigational hazard. That day, an oceanic anomaly called Mavericks became one of the most iconic big wave surf spots in the world. Jeff pioneered a new genre of surfing and carved out a legacy. He simultaneously bowed in honor and stood in defiance of Mother Nature. To call Jeff a consummate waterman would be a soggy injustice. Jeff is a water god of mythical proportions. A dragon slayer. He personifies everything that Vintage Electric aspires to be, and we’re humbled to call him not just a friend, but also a collaborator.

We invited Jeff to raid our workshop and help us create the ultimate wave chaser. We are honored to present the Vintage Electric Jeff Clark Signature Cruz. Jeff’s signature Cruz is inspired by the unrelenting power and perpetual grace of the Mavericks break. It is built to the same quality standards of all VE bikes and it is embellished with tasteful personalization and Pillar Point-ready accessories.

Our 702-watt hour lithium battery delivers power to a throttle controlled direct drive rear hub motor, topping out at an impressive 36 mph in race mode (private property riding only). A robust set of Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, paired with a regenerative function slow it back down while replenishing power back into the battery. The Brooks saddle and grips provide comfort, control, and style that complement the relaxed Chromoly cruiser frame. And then things get Maverick-y.

With the Cruz as a base, Jeff went all-in with proper session-worthy accessories. The removable surf rack is wrapped in Brooks leather. A custom rear rack is mounted with removable Blackburn panniers providing ample storage (and a convenient bottle opener) for any mission. The insulated panniers double as a cooler, keeping things frosty for pre or post-ride potables. The hand-finished and laser-etched wooden “tank” wears a custom Jeff Clark inspired livery and the signature of the man himself. Integrated front and rear LED lights make it dawn patrol-ready and a resounding Spurcycle bell keeps your coast clear.

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