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From race cars to motorcycles. We have taken our passion for performance to the electric bike world.

Mind blowing power is always on tap with any of our models. You might not always need it but it's there when you want it.

Our chassis have been developed from the ground up to handle the power we are known for. Performance comes with a responsibility for quality.

VEB 72V Performance Bike front wheel

Customer Service

Customer Service

Our customer service team is always a phone call or email away. We'd love to engage in some good old fashioned conversation.

We're more than happy to talk bikes, products, or share industry knowledge. We're a passionate group of folks.

Give us a call we love to chat!

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At VINTAGE we always believe that our new technology should be backwards compatible

We build bikes to keep them on the road for a lifetime.

Just like your favorite hot rod or sports car. You can always upgrade your ride as the miles pass by.

VEB Cream Tracker Classic

our bikes

We build simple, powerful bikes that take a stand against planned obsolescence, Choose from two distinct options.


Thrill of a motorcycle, simplicity of a bicycle

Pedal Assist

A bicycle with super human powers

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We love to ride in the mornings through the neighborhoods and the bikes are perfect. We can ride together and talk or listen to music while we go for coffee.

- John 0.

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Life changing for me. This is the best bike I have ever owned. The entire process working with the company was a pleasant first class experience. I have also owned motorcycles in the past and I am finding soooo much more joy and pleasure from this bike experience.

- Jay L.

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Best purchase I’ve made in awhile. Their Cafe bike was exactly what I was looking for. The workmanship, quality of parts and components, and performance is awesome.

- Michelle M.